Immunotherapy Clinical ResearchImmuno-Oncology Overview

The involvement of the immune system in cancer surveillance and prevention has been widely known for decades, but only recently have we begun to combine and harness our knowledge of cancer biology and immunology to develop new therapies in the fight against cancer. Early data with “immuno-oncology” drugs, particularly with checkpoint inhibitors, adoptive T cell therapy and dendritic cell vaccines, has been so compelling that standards of care are rapidly shifting and positive results across a wide range of indications are being reported regularly. As a result, many traditional clinical trial parameters must be revisited for their application to examine the safety and effectiveness of immunotherapies.

When it comes to investigating this class of drugs, many small and mid-sized biopharmaceutical companies play pioneering roles in both developing and adapting existing drug designs to create new treatments. With more than 160 biologics programs to date and a wide range of active immuno-oncology work today, Novella has the immunotherapy clinical research experience to support your immuno-oncology study from protocol design to FDA submission.


Immunotherapy Clinical Research Experience

  • CAR-T in hematologic malignancies
  • Inducible T-cell receptor (TCR) program in AML or MDS
  • Dendritic cell and biomarker-targeted vaccines in glioblastoma
  • PD-1/PD-L1 combination trials with novel checkpoint and kinase inhibitors in a range of indications
  • Gene therapy and oncolytic virus approaches in solid tumors
  • Next-generation antibodies: tetravalent, bispecific and antibody drug conjugates

Immunotherapy Trial Experience

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