The complexities, intricacies and nuances of oncology trials require an intimate understanding of specific malignancies. That’s why our oncology division is organized into two subgroups: one specializing in solid tumors and the other focused on hematology oncology. We have the indication-specific oncology experience to effectively guide your drug through trial.

With staff throughout North America, Europe and Asia, we have experience in 50 countries, currently with active trials in 40 countries.

Oncology experience

Early to Mid-Phase

With more than 400 early and mid-phase studies (Phases I-IIb) and long-standing relationships with Phase I sites, we’re able to make timely, well-informed decisions regarding cohort enrollment and dose escalations. That customization enables us to monitor the intricacies in data, safety and the lab to act quickly in treating critically ill subjects. And our global capabilities allow for international expansion to support multi-arm randomized, stratified trials.

Late Phase

With experience implementing more than 100 Phase III and IV oncology trials, as well as our fully integrated eClinical infrastructure, we’re able to streamline huge amounts of data with full transparent access. Our global reach and compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards ensure your quality goals are met. Additionally, our medical and clinical staff is comprised of board-certified hematologists, oncologists and a CSO with more than 40 years of research and industry experience. In fact, we’ve supported five FDA-approved oncology products in the past five years.

Together we’re advancing trials and improving lives.