immuno-oncology trials, standing out among the crowd, yellow umbrella among white umbrellas

A Silver Lining to the Immuno-Oncology “Gold Rush”

With the recent clinical success of cancer immunotherapeutics, such as checkpoint inhibitors, there has been a dramatic influx of public, academic, and industrial interest in the immuno-oncology (IO) field. Many pharmaceutical companies are looking for the next breakthrough drug and … Read More

Physician Spotlight

Dr. Michael Armstrong: Academic Excellence in Oncology

Michael Armstrong, MD, PhD, has deep experience as both a bench and clinical researcher. His career combines his passion for research and his interest in pediatrics, especially rare hematologic and oncological diseases. His career represents a true intersection of formative … Read More

Physician Spotlight

Dr. Valery Chatikhine: Seasoned Oncology Expertise

Valery Chatikhine, MD, PhD brings to Novella Clinical nearly 30 years of experience spanning two continents and nearly every facet of oncology-hematology R&D. With both his parents being physicians, Dr. Chatikhine was perhaps destined to have a career in medicine. … Read More

Dermatology studies

Managing Subjective Data Quality in Dermatology Studies

  Success of clinical trials is determined after the patient trials are over and the data has been analyzed. In order to eliminate bias and collect quality data which produces meaningful statistics toward study results, it is vital to conduct … Read More

Physician Spotlight

Dr. Ben Manderman: Patient Safety Expert

  Throughout his career in clinical and pharmaceutical oncology, Ben Manderman, MD, MPH, has demonstrated a passion for patient safety. He now brings more than 20 years of expertise, including 12 years of drug development with both pharmaceutical companies and global … Read More