Dermatology studies

Managing Subjective Data Quality in Dermatology Studies

  Success of clinical trials is determined after the patient trials are over and the data has been analyzed. In order to eliminate bias and collect quality data which produces meaningful statistics toward study results, it is vital to conduct … Read More

Physician Spotlight

Dr. Ben Manderman: Patient Safety Expert

  Throughout his career in clinical and pharmaceutical oncology, Ben Manderman, MD, MPH, has demonstrated a passion for patient safety. He now brings more than 20 years of expertise, including 12 years of drug development with both pharmaceutical companies and global … Read More

Biologics Market in Dermatology: Promise for the Future?

The age of biologics in the treatment of dermatological indications is upon us. They hold promise for dermatological indications where treatments have been sparse. An increased demand for solutions to dermatological conditions where biologics might be effective can be attributed to several factors: increase in incidence of skin cancers, breakthroughs in biologics for psoriasis, and boomer generation demand for anti-aging products.

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Bringing New Oncology Therapies to Market: A Financial Review

We’ve seen an increase in new oncology drug approvals over recent years because of promising advances in personalized medicine and immuno-oncology. From 2011 through 2016, there were 68 novel therapies launched globally for the treatment of cancer. Currently, there are … Read More