Perceptions & Controversies in Dermatology: EADV Advances the Conversation

A History of the Perception of Dermatology

In 2011, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) conducted a series of interviews using an independent research firm to determine the perception of the dermatology field among the senior leadership of non-dermatological physician organizations. The results found that while the primary outlook was one of value to the overall medical community, especially in advances in skin cancer, there was a perception the dermatology community was isolated from other fields of medicine, and the work ethic more relaxed in terms of office hours.

Negative perceptions have the potential to harm the success of the dermatology field, whether the opinions are factual or not. Furthermore, these perceptions can adversely affect patient care. The AAD responded with a Specialty Positioning Campaign in 2016 that highlighted the key message that dermatologists:

  • Treat hundreds of serious dermatologic conditions that have an enormous impact on millions of patients, their quality of life, and mental health;
  • Welcome a team-based approach to care as critical members of the health care community; and
  • Embrace innovative access initiatives, including teledermatology, to reduce geographic disparities.

Looking to EADV for New Perspectives

With the global dermatology clinical trial industry on the cusp of the annual conference in Geneva Switzerland September 13-17, 2017, the topic of perception is again in the forefront. This year, the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Congress spotlights several thought-provoking symposiums on several “inflammatory” subjects, including:

  • Changing the Way the World Perceives Dermatology
  • Controversies in Dermatology
  • What do the Unexpected Reactions to Biological Treatments of Psoriasis Tell Us?

Novella Clinical is proud to be a participant once again in this conference, hoping to help address these subjects, as well as provide expertise to our customers in dermatology clinical trials. In addition to being a participant in the Exhibition Hall (Booth 158), several of my colleagues and I will be on hand to hold private meetings with sponsors to discuss their upcoming trials.

Finally, Novella operational and regulatory experts will be presenting a special series of Expert Sessions for our EADV audience on topics including real world evidence and IND approvals. Click here to learn more.



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