Superior Project Management is at the center of good clinical trial work. Novella Clinical’s therapeutically-aligned Project Management teams plan and execute critical milestones for each study, while providing excellent customer service, proactive communication, financial acumen and exemplary data quality. We employ project managers with extensive leadership and industry knowledge; they have the expertise to drive creative thinking and the authority to enact flexible solutions, making them powerful advocates for our sponsors.

Central to the success of a project manager is their understanding of the given therapeutic area, ensuring they add value from day one. Therefore, Novella assigns project managers based on therapeutic expertise, and our customers benefit from their thorough understanding of the protocol, therapy and product lifecycles.

Key Project Management Functions Include:

  • Clear project planning
  • Operational oversight of the day-to-day activities of all team members with a defined emphasis on quality,  timelines and budget
  • Proactive communication with the sponsor, project team members, vendors and sites throughout the study lifecycle
  • Tracking and management of predefined metrics and anticipated trends
  • Identification of efficiencies and processes that improve data quality


Project Management