Novella Clinical’s Dermatology Division offers proven patient recruitment processes, strong site relationships, and more than a decade of experience to help our customers meet their goals. Utilizing predictive enrollment modeling and performance metrics, we specialize in dermatology trials with challenging inclusion/exclusion criteria, difficult to reach patient demographics, and high screen-failure rates.

Our Patient Recruitment Management teams offer three customized plans to help meet your patient recruitment and enrollment goals.

Comprehensive Recruitment Management Plan

The Comprehensive Recruitment Management Plan is ideal for dermatology studies where site-initiated activity may not be sufficient. Successful accelerated enrollment of a clinical trial depends on the ability to predict patient enrollment rates and determine when a study will be fully enrolled. We accomplish this by utilizing our sophisticated predictive enrollment process that offers valuable insights into managing, tracking and reviewing enrollment metrics.

Advertising Allocation Management Plan

The Advertising Allocation Management Plan maximizes the impact of sites’ advertising efforts by bundling their individual advertising allocations and budget. We provide professional campaign development, strategic planning, media purchasing, budget management and advertising performance tracking.

Assurance or Intervention Recruitment Management Plan

The Assurance or Intervention Recruitment Plans are designed to increase enrollment rates in order to meet original enrollment timelines. After running a productivity analysis, we recommend a detailed plan to improve recruitment.

Direct Response Tools

Novella utilizes an array of dermatology patient recruitment tools:

  • Digital and traditional media/advertising
  • Social media
  • Email blasts
  • Site kits working with associations/support groups
  • External databases
  • Novella’s proprietary dermatology database

Performance Management

Our Dermatology Division establishes relevant performance metrics at the onset of patient recruitment and then analyzes the results in real time. This allows us to determine an ongoing media mix to deliver efficient enrollment.

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