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Biologics: The Key to Next Generation Dermatology R&D?

The evolution of biologics within the dermatology landscape Biologics present new treatment options for dermatology patients who haven’t seen positive results from traditional treatment methods, such as topicals, phototherapy or traditional drugs. This paper explores the evolution of biologics within … Read More

Dermatology Division Brochure

Our Dermatology Division is led by a team of specialists with 20+ years of experience spanning dermatology products and aesthetics. Download our brochure to learn more about our full range of global dermatology CRO services.

Dermatology Patient Recruitment Management Overview

The difference between successful clinical trial enrollment and missed deadlines is comprehensive patient recruitment management planning. Download this overview to learn which of our three management plans can help you meet patient recruitment goals.

Global Dermatology Regulatory Services Overview

We offer a comprehensive range of regulatory services for dermatology sponsors of all sizes. Before your next dermatology trial, talk to us about regulatory strategies to help save time and avoid frustrating obstacles.

Dermatology Data Management Services Overview

Our data management and biostatistics teams use leading technologies that provide access to clinical trial data as well as status information throughout the trial. Learn more about our data management, biostatistics and medical writing services.

Case Study: Acne Vulgaris Canada Early Phase

After a delayed last patient in (LPI) date, Novella Clinical reviewed the tactics and helped devise and execute a campaign that helped sites complete enrollment for a Phase I and IIa acne vulgaris study in Canada.

Case Study: Actinic Keratosis Phase III

Patient recruitment services fulfilled (4) Phase III actinic keratosis (AK) enrollment goals up to 75% faster than sponsor-projected timelines and significantly reduced overall study spending.

Case Study: Onychomycosis Phase II

Patient recruitment in Phase II onychomycosis study delivers accelerated enrollment, reducing patient recruitment management timelines by 35%.

Case Study: Phase III Psoriasis

Novella Clinical’s patient recruitment process and predictive enrollment expertise dramatically reduces enrollment timelines for Phase III multi-center psoriasis study.